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La Roux-Dogue de Bordeaux

Here at La Roux Bordeaux we strive for beauty, temperament, and health of the French Mastiff.
Our Dogue de Bordeaux's are raised in our home and are a part of our family. Our dogs are never in a kennel type environment.

Our Bordeaux are of high quality and we are working with Top Dougu de Bordeaux breeder's to produce amazing litters/puppies with awesome pedigree's. Quality Dogue de Bordeaux cost more because you get more. We do not sell cheap puppies. Breeding for quality is an expensive venture and requires thoughtful planning, diligence and care. We do all of the proper blood testing to tell exactly when our girls are ready to be bred and the breeding technique used is of the highest technology to ensure breeding's are successful
Caring for the litter after a natural birth or c-section requires 24 hour care to ensure every puppy is getting the appropriate amount of nutrition and caring for mom requires extra attention as well. These litters are NOT instant or easy.

Deposits on puppies are non-refundable and are a promise/commitment to purchase chosen puppy. 
The remainder balance has to be paid before our puppies leave our home and NO CHECKS will be excepted. Pups will be ready for their new homes no sooner than 8 weeks of age. This allows for proper time/socialization with their mother and litter mates. Puppies will come with AKC papers, current vaccines appropriate FOR THEIR AGE, and dewormed.

Shipping is available upon request at owners expense (usually around $300.00 which includes health certificate, travel crate, and flight) 

About the Dogue de Bordeaux
The Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the most ancient breeds. The breed was known in the region around Bordeaux France as early as the fourteenth century.
 The Bordeaux is loyal, honest, and loves his family. He will protect his property at all cost but is extremely calm in most other situations. Dogue's are not excessive barkers and will only alarm when necessary.
The Bordeaux is well balanced, muscular, and massive with a powerful build. The American Kennel club specifies a minimum of 100lbs. for a female and a minimum of 115lbs. for a male. Dogues must be well balanced and not too heavy in one area. The height of the Dogue varies from 23.5in to 27in for a male and 23in to 26in for a female. The coat color should be from light fawn to dark red with a darker red mask, or black. The more rich a color the more desirable it is. White is allowed but only on the chest and the extremities of the limbs. 
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